The Blog Return


Has it really been since 2012 that I posted here?


I have a lot of excuses, mainly that I am busy…

And let’s face it I am busy. I have 3 little girls, home full time. Full time mentorship of these 3 inquisitive souls. I am constantly making stuff (that hopefully people want to buy – and depending on my focus do very well with).

But let’s get to the reason why I simply lost interest in keeping this blog (and even maintaining interesting posts) about my family.

I was feeling very uncomfortable with being part of on-line culture.

Fake culture.

Everything is rosey and my family is perfect culture.

I was concerned, that homeschooling particularly gave this air of perfection and better-than. The truth is we really enjoy our lives and our lifestyle choices. Some of these choices – like self-employment, working from home and homeschooling may seem provocative and fringy…

But we are normal people. With your run of the mill situations and frustrations.

I yell at my kids.

Then have to apologize.

I get mad at my husband.

Then I get over it.

I get entirely fed up and frustrated with life.

Then I fall deeply in like with it again.

We love to road trip.

We love to stay home.

We are boring.

I cannot prop our lives up to seem more interesting than it is. And the truth is, it’s rather mundane.

It’s our mundane and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

One thing I always do, is keep it moving.

(Hence, the arrow).

I may, or may not back date some posts.

I don’t have time to go through every post & category here, and remove stale info.

One thing you will always get from me, is a willingness to reach out and support. If anything, if our family provides you with the strength to live your truth, then the blog’s existence gains importance.

Or, if you simply like to be a voyeur into our lives, so be it.

Just remember, that this is the internet: a one dimensional fantasy land.