Wow…we’re getting married

So we’ve been engaged for almost 2 weeks now and we seem to be settling into the new title well. It is kind of weird to use the word fiance to someone you have referred to as “my boyfriend/girlfriend” or “my partner” for almost 4 years. Even stranger to say “husband/wife”! Yeow, I feel old. ;)

We haven’t yet decided on a date except that it will be in the latter part of May. Our actual anniversary of when we officially started dating is May 30th – so the closest to this date we can get. We toyed with the idea of getting married THIS May. We both aren’t big on the idea of a long engagement – I mean, if you made the decision, what the hell are you waiting for?! But, in a practical sense, it will have to be NEXT May. I’m really not keen on a 15 month engagement, but this will give us a chance to have the wedding paid in full and give all our out of province family & friends a chance to plan to come.

The extra money the extra time will bring will be a blessing. Although we are not keen on a long engagement, we are even LESS keen on a half-assed wedding. ;) I’m not saying it will be extravagant, because that is in neither of our personalities, but we want to be free to invite as many people we want and that everyone will be comfortable, well fed and well entertained!

Right now, we are just trying to contact our close family and friends with the news. It has proven to be more exhausting than I ever realized. Screw it — I’ll send out engagement announcement cards. ;) They can double as “save the date” cards anyway. Plus we are toying with the idea of an engagement party so…they may even be invitations.

Welcome to our website!

Hi gang!

Thanks for stopping by our website. We decided to set it up in web log — or blog — style and keep a running diary of the events as they unfold. That way even long after the wedding you can see what new adventures we get up to…Lord knows we love an adventure. :)

As the site progresses we will have details on the wedding, including directions to the events taking place and where. We love any excuse for a party or get together, so stay tuned!

We hope this site will help our friends and family catch up on what we’ve been up to, as well as to get to know each other. Our philosophy is that a marriage is never just about two people, but the blending of two families and two sets of friends. The more, the merrier! We encourage you to participate…ask questions, post discussions and sign our guestbook.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your best wishes and all the positive support for our marriage. It means a lot to us to have your sincere approval!

Palaam na kaibigan ko….dream as though you’ll live forever…live as though you’ll die today…

L’Chaim! To Life!

Rick & Leilani :)