My bb3:

mes trois bébés.

mis tres bebés.

aking 3 mga sanggol…? (Need to study tagalog!)

They say baa baa black sheep had 3 bags full.

That good (bad?) things come in 3’s.

Let’s not forget the Holy Trinity…

We are a modern family committed to live an inspired life.  This is an archive of my family’s journey: where creativity, discovery and the courage to be ourselves abounds.

This blog started out as a place for us to share info on our up-coming wedding. Hard to believe that was 11 years ago! It has now morphed into a spot to share our story as a young family raising and homeschooling our 3 girls. Hopefully inspire others to rediscover their own path and try something new. My family provides endless inspiration and keeps me going, as you know if you follow my other blog, visit my website or subscribe to my newsletter.

Currently we are in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, where this pinay mestiza mom was born and raised but we spend a fair bit of time in the Montreal area and the Eastern US, too!

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